Midjourney Prompt Generator

Python script to generate a random prompt for Midjourney.

I made this to quickly create images for other projects I'm working on. It's a tool that generates random prompts for Midjourney based on a YAML file with options for different design elements.


python3 midijourney_prompt_generator.py

Modify input.yaml to suit your needs, then 20 random prompts will be printed to the console and saved in output.txt with a timestamp.


To customize the design options, modify the input.yaml file. The YAML file has the following structure:

  • command: The blueprint for the prompt command. Modify this to suit your specific requirements.
  • style: A list of different styles.
  • symbol: A list of different symbols.
  • color: A list of common design colors.
  • background: A list of common background colors or gradients.
  • additional_element: A list of additional design elements.

Modify the options under each category to match your desired choices.


Here is an example of a generated prompt:

Design of futuristic logo featuring a piano keyboard in red on a blackish gradient background. Include pattern as an additional design element. --v 5 --ar 16:9 --c 20 --q 1

Example Prompt

In this example, the script randomly selected the "futuristic" style, "piano keyboard" symbol, "red" color, "blackish gradient" background, and "pattern" as the additional design element.

The additional options --v 5 --ar 16:9 --c 100 --q 1 are added to the end of the command for additional configuration. These options are not generated randomly and are the same for all prompts.

  • The --ar option is to set the desired aspect ratio.
  • The --c option is for chaos and is used to set how much variation there is.
  • The --q option is to set the quality of the generated images (0.25, 0.5, or 1). Higher values use more of your subscription's GPU minutes and take longer to render.


The generated prompts will be saved in the output.txt file with an appended timestamp so you can save all your previous prompts. Each prompt will be listed on a separate line in the file.