Auto-generate and maintain your project's .env files

Easily manage your local and Vercel deployment environment variables for local, development, preview, and production.

vercel-env-create is a Node.js script that scans your project for all referenced process.env variables and creates separate .env files each environment in the root of your project's directory.

This makes it easy to manage your local development and test environments, as well as each of your Vercel deployment environments (development, preview, and production).


You can install this package using npm:

npm install -g vercel-env-create


If you installed globally, you can use it in your project directory like this to either create or update your .env files with all of the variables used in your project:


Or you can install via npx:

npx vercel-env-create

By default, the script will look for environment variables in files with the following extensions: .js, .ts, .jsx, .tsx, .html, and .css. You can add additional file extensions to search for by modifying the extensions array in the script.

The script will create the following .env files in your project directory:

  • .env - for your default environment
  • .env.local - for your local development environment
  • .env.development - for your development environment
  • .env.production - for your production environment

This makes it easy to manage separate environment variables for each environment and ensures that all environment variables in your project are appropriately defined.